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Turbo Pascal is one of the most used Pascal being used today, despite it being the oldest one. Now, Turbo Pascal was originally meant to be run on DOS PCs , but today’s Smartphones are no less than PCs and can even get DOS running without any lags. So, in article we will show you – How to easily install & use Turbo Pascal on your Android phone or tablet so you can code & execute programs on the run.

Tutorial to install & use Turbo Pasca; on Android KitKat , lollipop, Marshmallow & Nougat (4.4 , 5.1 ,6.0 , 7.0)

Pre-requisites –

  • We will be needing the official turbo Pascal binaries by Borland to compile files , Download the below linked Turbo Pascal .zip file with the binary executables –
    Click here to Download the Turbo Pascal TP .zip Binary files to extract into folder
  • Now, since turbo Pascal is based on DOS we will require a dos emulator, to emulate dos environment for running it.
  • Though, there are many dos emulators – DOSBox available on the Play store we will be using – Magic DoxBox Free as it is very easy to configure turbo pascal within it.
  • Also, being made for gaming magic DOSBox free even provides mouse support thus, making our task easier –
    Click here to Download Magic Dosbox Free from Google Play Store

Tutorial –

Step . 1 – Configuring Dos Box & Turbo Pascal (Only a one-time setup process) –

  • First of all download & extract the turbo pascal binary zip files into a folder on your device as shown in the image below –

    Turbo Pascal Directory

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    Now as we extracted the zip files into Internal Storage – > Download. The Tp Directory files are accessible at “Internal StorageDownloadTp” . Thus, the “internalstoragedownload” is our path

  • Now, once you have downloaded & installed Magic Doxbox free app, launch the app it will show a welcome screen, click on ‘x’ to close the message screen.
  • In the next black screen – click on the “+” icon to add new game, then select the “New game” option as shown in the image below –
  • The Configuration screen will now ask for the title, and the path of the game (which is Turbo Pascal in our case). Here, we need to specify the path where we have kept our binaries. On this screen Click on “choose” as shown on the following photo –

    Now, navigate using the folder view until the choose folder option shows the folder “TP in the location where you extracted the TP.zip files.

  • Once you see the folder “TP” as shown in the below image , simply tap on “Checkmark” or “✓” sign. Do not click or open the TP folder, as shown below –
  • The Turbo Pascal icon will now be shown in the black screen as shown below – That’s it you have now completed the one-time set up process .

    One time process completed

Step.2 – Running Turbo Pascal & launching directly for subsequent uses –

Turbo Pascal 7.0 Free Download For Mac Computer


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Download Turbo Pascal 7

  • Now, for running Turbo Pascal for subsequent uses , simply click on the Turbo Pascal icon inside Magic Doxbox app. Here, you will seeDOSBoxosbox black screen as shown in the image below .
  • Here, we need to type the Turbo pascal binary path to execute turbo pascal, incase if your keyboard doesn’t appear – Please press the back key of your Phone! & select the keyboard as shown in the image below –

    Select Keyboard after back-button if keyboard doesn’t appear automatically

  • Now, on the black screen we need to type in the Turbo C path to execute it , to execute Turbo C file please enter the following commands one by one on the black screen –
    1. Type in “cd tp” (hit the enter or return / new line key on keyboard)
    2. Now type in “cd bin” (hit the enter or return / new line key on keyboard)
    3. type “turbo” (hit the enter or return / new line key on keyboard)
    4. It will look like below –

      Commands to Open Turbo Pascal on Dosbox Black Screen

  • That’s it!! your Turbo Pascal will now be launched & opened! :) . You can now access all functions of keyboard, mouse & start programming of Pascal right on your android device as shown below –

    It feels really awesome & geeky to do programming on your android, and is pretty smooth too! , especially the mouse pointer area and mouse movement as shown in the image above Also the best part is that this works totally without SD card or memory card, so will work on all android phones!

  • Rest all functions of Turbo Pascal work really smoothly. In case if you face any issues or encounter any errors feel free to contact us! Happy Programming!
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