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Rocket Yard Guide: How to Install & Play Mac Games Via External Drives Wednesday, July 27th, 2016 Author: Jon Carr. Hard drive space is a precious resource these days. As games require more and more space on our drives, it’s easy to find your storage suddenly maxed out. And when it happens, is it time to delete your games? Of course, not. May 14, 2015  Macs can easily read PC-formatted hard disk drives. Writing to them, however, is a different story. If you've switched to the Mac, welcome aboard. Your old external Windows PC drive will work great on the Mac. Apple has built OS X Yosemite and some previous OS X releases with the ability to read from those disks just fine. If you're using such a drive and you'd like to write new data. Go to Origin advanced settings and setup the folder for your games. Download and install the games you want to install under that folder. Repeat the process for all hard drives you want to use. It will not move the game you already installed on another drive.

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Jul 19, 2019  How to Increase Transfer Speed of External Hard Drive. Jean updated on Jul 19, 2019 to Partition Manager. How to increase the transfer speed of external hard drive or improve the hard drive transfer speed in Windows 10/8/7? Download EaseUS free partition software and follow the steps below to change your FAT32 partition to NTFS. I was just wondering if it was possible to effectively 'install' the games onto my external hard drive and play them on my computer. I know that some sort of information has to be stored onto my. Nov 28, 2018  Download games on Hard Drive instead of SSD Hello, i currently got a new gaming PC and it came with a 256 GB SSD along with a hard drive. However, i have already used all the available space on the SSD, and would now like to download games and store it in the Hard Drive.

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Further, Apple has spent years in developing the sleek UI and in getting done the dozens of tweaks along with tons of other technological enhancements, and that are evident by the inclusion of customizable installation options, less hard drive space consumption, enhanced support, more stable Safari browser and a bulk of newly added applications. The open CL support is an amazing progress that is literally intended to open up the applications with the more faster speed and with a smoother touch. The Grand central dispatch is definitely equipped with some boost as far as the performance is concerned and a preview for applications like PDF, Videos and Images directories is also made possible. Download google chrome for mac os x leopard. It’s being experienced that if your Mac is performing slow and need a boost, an upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard would be a wise choice as this OS is with a goal to provide improved performance, ultimate efficiency and with an automated way to install drivers for the most wanted hardware connected. Stacks also seems to me pretty much improved as the scroll bar is there to assist in finding the application desired just within a glimpse of an eye.With Mac OS X Snow Leopard the videos that are being played can be recorded and same mechanism is true for audio files as well.

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Today’s games are unapologetically massive. In the old days, game sizes were limited by their respective medium. With the advent of broadband internet and digital downloads, though, games have transcended physical mediums and grown exponentially in size, only being limited by hard drive space and bandwidth.

That is to say, there are plenty of reasons users may need to shuffle their games between drives. Whether you need to allocate space for the newest game or you’ve picked up a new drive, there are a couple of ways to move games around in Steam, the world’s foremost digital PC gaming platform.

We’re going to tell you how to move one game, or relocate an entire Steam library, to another drive. If you just got a new hard drive, read our guides on how to wipe a hard drive and how to partition a hard drive to get up and running.

Create a New Steam Library

First, you’ll need to set up a new directory for your Steam games, which is a straightforward process.

Step 1: With the Steam client open, click “Steam” in the utmost left corner. Then, from the drop-down menu, select “settings.” That will launch a separate window.

Step 2: In this window, on the left-hand navigation pane, click “downloads.” Then, on the right-hand pane toward the top, click “Steam library folders”. The process will look like this:

Step 3: From there, click “add library folder,” then navigate to the corresponding drive and click “add new folder.” Give the directory whatever name you like. Once you’ve done that, click “select” to add it to your Steam library folders.

Moving Games to a New Library

Now that we’ve created a secondary library for games, we can begin moving them.

Step 1: Right-click an installed game, and select “properties.”

Step 2: From the pop-up menu, click the “local files” tab. Go to the bottom of the list below the tab and select “move install folder”.

Step 3: A new window will prompt you to select a library to move the game to from a drop-down menu. Select the library you created previously, then click “move folder.”

That’s it. Steam will move the game’s local files to the new directory and you’ll free space for that new game or all those cat .gifs. The process used to be a lot more tedious because Steam didn’t have a baked-in feature for moving games without reinstalling them, so make sure you’re running the latest version of Steam to enjoy these quality of life features.

Moving a Library

We just covered moving games individually, but maybe you need to relocate an entire library to a new drive. It’s quite easy to amass a swelling collection of games, especially if you fancy the unrepentant glut of Steam sales. Hey, it happens to the best of us. Whatever the case, moving Steam libraries is simple.

Before starting, we recommend making a backup of the Steam folder you’re moving in case things run afoul. You can create a copy to keep locally or use Steam’s backup feature.

Step 1: Create a Steam library folder following the instructions above, then close the Steam client.

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Step 2: Browse to the Steam installation folder to be moved. Once there, delete all files and folders except for “Steamapps” and “userdata.”

Step 3: Cut and paste the Steam folder into the new path you created. For instance, it could be called E:SteamLibrary

Step 4: Reopen Steam and log in, then point Steam to your new directory and verify game files if necessary. If you encounter issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling Steam. The Steam support page can also be helpful.

Steam and the Cloud

The Steam Cloud is great, and it makes us wonder how we survived the primitive age of gaming in which cloud saves didn’t exist and save files were limited to one machine or memory card.

Many familiar with Steam likely know about Steam Cloud. It is cloud storage hosted by Steam that allows users to enable cloud saves, backup and restore games, store Steam user settings and the like. That said, not all games support the feature, most notably older titles.

A work-around lies in using a cloud storage provider, such as, or an online backup service, such as SpiderOak ONE, that doesn’t limit you to one sync folder. Using one of those providers, you can set up your own makeshift cloud saves to ensure that you’re using the most recent save file of a game no matter where you’re playing.

Best External Hard Drive For Mac

To learn more about why we like SugarSync and SpiderOak ONE, read our review and SpiderOak ONE review.

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Final Thoughts

Those of you who have been using Steam since before 2017 probably remember the tedium of moving games between drives, and using symbolic links. Thankfully, moving Steam games is much easier these days and, hopefully, we’ve demonstrated that.

When it comes to moving games in batches or moving libraries, Steam could be improved. Although, compared to rivals such as Origin and GOG Galaxy, there’s little to complain about.

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Steam remains the dominant platform for PC gaming, so perhaps resting on its laurels is to be expected. That said, Steam has brought quality of life features to the platform. Being able to apportion your library across multiple drives without reinstalling games has long been requested, so it’s better late than never.

As it relates to the Steam Cloud, dig in to our best cloud gaming services to see how the cloud has transformed the way gamers game, and why it’s the future. In that article, you can also learn about the relatively new gaming model, gaming-as-a-service. For consoles and the cloud, look at our how to use Xbox cloud storage guide, or find out which has the better cloud.

Look into our best VPN for gaming guide, too. With that said, let us know if you have any Steam hacks or tricks. Drop us a comment or tweet at us. Thanks for reading.

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