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Fences is a leading Windows organizational solution that allows you to sort the tabs on your desktop and create files that are easily recognizable to you. It is a comprehensive solution that takes control of your cluttered and makes way for a clean, creative workspace… read more

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11 Fences Alternatives & Similar Software


1. Stardock Fences

Stardock Fences is a utility for Microsoft Windows operating system that helps to organize icons on the desktop. It is a commercial solution developed by Stardock and distributed as the part of their Object Desktop suite.

The solution comes with lots of advanced tools that helps you to automatically organize your computer by placing shortcuts into the resizable shaded areas on your desktop known as Fences. It eliminates clutter from your desktop but keeps your Fences where it’s easy to find them with its powerful roll-up feature.

The most exciting thing about Stardock Fences is that it allows you to create multiple pages on your desktop and swipe between them. To change the different desktop page, you need to take your mouse cursor to the edge of your screen and click and drag.

A new page of fences will be shown; this feature provides excellent control over how you can organize favorite programs, website, and documents. It also allows you to hide your shortcut icons, documents, images, and all the other personal things.

Stardock Fences offers core features such as automatic desktop organization, folder portals, customize your fences, create own settings, define rules and lots of built-in wallpapers, etc. Overall, it is one of the best desktop organizers as compared to others.


2. DiskSpace

DiskSpace is a feature-rich and straightforward free disk space analyzer and duplicate file remover solution that comes with an advanced algorithm to automate verity of the task. The solution helps you free up disk space by quickly finding the deleting big files.

It displays your disk space usage eye-candy ring chart and stunning dynamic animation that makes it better than others. DiskSpace is specially designed for those who want to clean up their device and enjoy the fast experience.

The solution integrates with Windows file explorer to open, find, delete, and browse folders and files. It is a lightweight solution, and no require IT skill to manage and use its service, you need to follow its guide to remove all the unwanted files and folders.

It uses an advanced algorithm that automatically finds and detect all unused files and folders to remove that make it better than others. DiskSpace also includes core feature such as simple and easy to use, remove malware files, notifications, and much more.


3. DragThing

DragThing is a shareware Dock application specially designed for Mac OS X and launch apps, folders, open document, folders, and image clippings as well as lots of other customizable actions with the single click or keystroke.

The solution puts all your documents, app, and folders with a single click away. DragThing features multiple docks and each customized without any limitation to suit your exact needs. It also stores frequently-used clippings such as images and text that lets you easily paste them into other apps with just a click.

With this app, you can create slide bars to access your important files and folders quickly. The most addictive fact about this dock solution is that it comes with password protection and allow you to add password any of its folders or documents etc.

DragThing also includes core features such as to define hotkeys, multiple docks, unlimited customization, reminder message, and much more. It is free to use dock solution, and you can enjoy its service on Mac OS X only.


4. DesktopShelves

DesktopShelves is a powerful software that helps you organize your desktop. It is specially designed for Mac devices to keep your documents and data accessible and held at all time. The best thing about this software is that you can try it for 14 days and decide if it is the utility that you need.

Also, it’s status bar menu helps you send shelves to the background or bring them to the foreground with just a single click. With this, you can also open the folder of your choice as a shelf and easily access the preferences windows, allow the launch at login option, and check for updates.

The best fact is that it offers unlimited customization with some new tools and features that make your screen more attractive. Unlike most of the similar solutions, DesktopShelves also provides drag and drop interface and allow you to place your folders and files anywhere on the screen quickly.

There is also has an option that allows you to change the shelf design with one of the seven different built-in design as well as also allow you to browse more design that makes it better than others. All the files on this platform are displayed in a shelf can be stored according to their size, names, and the data on which they were created or modified.

By right-clicking on the shelf, you can open the contained files in the finder and even close the shelf. There is also has a feature that allows you to drop the files you want to add directly on the shelf and open folders as the shelf via the context menu.


5. iCollections

iCollections is free to use Mac solution that allows you to organize your desktop icons to make it more interesting. With the help of this solution, you can easily create photo frames and view images directly on your desktop, browser websites and easily view all your schedule in a calendar widgets.

It is an all-in-one solution and offers all the core features with some advanced level tools that make it better than others. The solution lets you create areas on your desktop so you can sort and arrange your icons, this helps you keep related items together, so your files are easily organized and find.

With just a few clicks, all your icons, files, and folders on your desktop will get grouped according to your preferences. Unlike most of the similar leading solutions, it also offers customization feature that allows you to customize your desktop theme, change icons, add widgets, and much more.

iCollections also includes core features such as easily organize unlimited files, check desktop panel, create view folders, add photo frames, tabs, watch slide shows, short items within the collection, retina display support and easy to understand, etc.


6. ViPad

ViPad is a feature-rich Windows desktop application launch and organization tool specially designed for Windows desktop. With the help of this tool, you can easily organize all your desktop items, files and folders in the second and have a one-click launch for all your favorite games, applications, files, folders, and social media friends, etc.

Arrange application and documents on this solution in any way you like by dragging to different positions or by grouping similar app into the personalized tabs. Unlike other platforms, it also offers unlimited customization system and offers lots of built-in themes, wallpapers, and icons that make it more exciting and enjoyable.

ViPad has an option that allows you to filer your item, folders, or any file with keyword search, start by typing the name of your application, and it will instantly locate it for you. The most addictive fact about this solution is its ability to use it as a complete desktop replacement that allows you to see all of your personalized background on the desktop and use it for launching your apps instead.

ViPad also includes a prominent feature such as custom icons, copy files and web links, keyword search box, arrange your apps any way you want, easy navigating, slide page, cool, clean look and add new and cool icon sets, etc. ViPad is a 100% free to use desktop launch and organization tool for everyone.


7. Real Desktop

Real Desktop is a software solution that converts your desktop into a 3D room fitted with a physics object and a new way to organize your shortcuts and folders. The software turns everything on your desktop into interactive and appealing objects.

It comes with a powerful ad physics-engine that is designed to make things naturally on the screen. Once the software is loaded, the software automatically takes control of the entire desktop, and you won’t see the suitable version unit you exit the app. Real Desktop even compatible with the desktop button in Windows, so there no issues in this respect.

The 3D desktop sounds pretty good, but it does not rise to the expectation from this point of view. As compared to all the other similar program, it is lightweight and powerful that offers you the possibility to significantly enhance the appearance and the functionality of your desktop screen.

Real Desktop introduces a new virtual space feature that will offer you the chance to view the content of your directories quickly. It also lets you customize the appearance with the aid of new dedication or by choosing your design to style the appearance as you like.


8. VeBest Icon Groups

VeBest Icon Groups is a simple yet powerful icon management software solution specially designed for desktop. It offers a massive range of group icons and allows you to customize the look the way you want. The software provides a perfect and straightforward looking method of organizing your desktop icons. It will enable you to add several icon docks that you can easily customize to fit your accessibility needs.

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Icons can be positioned anywhere on the screen and viewed inline, circle, and vertical design that makes it impossible for them to not fit on your screen with Windows theme. With this, you can easily design stunning docks by adding 3D icons; all the icons are added by simply dragging them onto the dock and can be removed.

Each group of icons that you add can be allocated with the name and have their on-screen position locked. That way, you are prevented from accidentally moving them, and it’s also possible to adjust the slide for both icons and dock if you feel that they distract attention.

Through this you can choose to show hints for all the icons by hovering the mouse cursor over one brings out the short details on it. Just like most of the leading software, it also offers unlimited customization with a range of icons and themes that make it better than others.


9. Nimi Places

Nimi Places is a free Windows Desktop Organizer that gives you the ability to put folders and files into customizable containers. It is a stunning solution specially designed for those who want to make their desktop more beautiful and straightforward by creating different taskbars.

The elements in the containers are represented as icons thumbnails and help you quickly find your files, application, and documents. Nimi Places also support for media files and allow you to preview your audio and videos without any limitation directly. The software keeps your workspace environment uncluttered and easily accessible.

There is also a powerful customization feature that allows you to change icons, add gestures, and lots of stunning content that make your workspace more engaging. Nimi Places also includes core feature such as lightweight, file management, desktop customization, built-in media player, the label can be used to organize files and folders and quick search, etc.


10. ICU – Icon Configuration Utility

ICU – Icon Configuration Utility is a free tool that allows you to restore your icon’s position on the screen while enabling you to save several icon configurations. It is a lightweight enhancement tool that will enable you to copy it to any drive and take it with you whenever you need to keep a particular icon configuration on the breeze without having to go through the installation.

The software offers a clean and intuitive layout that offers only a few configuration settings to tinker. With the help of this program, you can easily save the icon’s position on the screen by specifying a title for the current configuration session.

There is also has a feature that allows you to restore the icon’s position with just a single click. Delete and duplicate the selected configuration as well as allow you to view the complete detail of each your icon such as name, date, and resolution, etc.

Unlike most of the dock system, it also offers customization feature that allows you to arrange your desktop more correctly add stunning gestures and create taskbar, etc. There is also a range of features that make it more powerful for all kind of computer users.


11. TAGO Fences

TAGO Fences is a simple, lightweight, and handy application that is specially designed to help users organize their desktop icons in several areas known as Fences. The app comes in a straightforward case that allows you to keep your screen clean and holds different games, videos, and audio tools as well as a text editor and other programs in several categories.

It sports an intuitive layout that gives you the possibility to hide or reveal the desktop icons with simple double click on any part of your screen. The best thing about TAGO Fences is that it offers unlimited customization feature that allows you to organize your desktop with different icons, gestures easily, and lot so exiting items.

TAGO Fences also allows you to store several shortcuts in virtual fence, drag and drop files and folders, hide and remove the items and sort items by name. It is quite simple and easy to use the tool you no need to learn any IT skills, add it into your PC and follow the guide.

TAGO Fences is a feature-rich fences application that offers all the core features that enhance your desktop performer. Try it out; it is best for all kind of computer users.

More About Fences

Fences is a leading Windows organizational solution that allows you to sort the tabs on your desktop and create files that are easily recognizable to you. It is a comprehensive solution that takes control of your cluttered and makes way for a clean, creative workspace.

The software comes with lots of exciting tools and gathers your all files, icons, folders in a shaded area that can be hidden with double click and even helps you creates desktop pages you can swipe through for easy sorting. The application is specially designed for those who want to create some extra desktop space as well as allow to customize desktop with different stunning objects.

The software can also be dragged anywhere on the desktop, snapped to the sides, spread across multiple pages and even rolled up with the click of a mouse. There are also has a range of core features that make it a complete solution for every kind of computer users. Try it out; it is a perfect Window organizational solution.

An object that can capture, track, and manage resource dependencies across command encoders.


  • iOS 10.0+
  • macOS 10.13+
  • Mac Catalyst 13.0+
  • tvOS 10.0+



A MTLFence object is typically used to track a sub-allocated resource created from a MTLHeap object. However, it can also track a non-heap resource that specifies a hazardTrackingModeUntracked resource option.

Don’t implement this protocol yourself; instead, to create a MTLFence object, call the makeFence() method of a MTLDevice object. A command encoder can either update a fence or wait for a fence. Refer to the methods listed in the following table for further information.


var device: MTLDevice


var label: String?


struct MTLRenderStages

Fences App For Mac Free

The render stages at which a synchronization command is triggered.

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