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Jul 06, 2011 Points System. When you upload software to you get rewarded by points. For every field that is filled out correctly, points will be rewarded, some fields are optional but the more you provide the more you will get rewarded! So why not upload a peice software today, share with others and get rewarded! Jun 23, 2003  Safari is a web browser developed by Apple Computer, Inc. And available as part of its Mac OS X operating system. It was included as the default browser in Mac OS X v10.3 (Panther) and is the only browser bundled with Mac OS X v10.4 (Tiger). Sep 24, 2018  If you deleted Safari and don't have a Time Machine backup or other backup, reinstall macOS to put Safari back in your Applications folder. Reinstalling macOS doesn't remove data from your computer. Before reinstalling, you might want to use Spotlight to search for Safari on your Mac. If you find it, but it's no longer in your Dock, just drag it to the Dock to add it back. Visit Safari site and Download Safari Latest Version! Why Download Safari using YepDownload? Safari Simple & Fast Download! Works with All Windows (64/32 bit) versions! Safari Latest Version! Fully compatible with Windows 10; Disclaimer Safari is a product developed by Apple. This site is not directly affiliated with Apple. Jul 30, 2014 Safari browser offers you a superior Web experience with outstanding performance. Even the most complex of pages load at breakneck speed. In fact, it loads pages more quickly than any other Mac Web browser. Download Safari 5.1.7. Safari browser is now ready for Windows action. When we used to see that eye catching internet browser in our friend's Mac we didn't expect to see it in our PC. All of us thought that such an Apple product would be always just for Mac users, but now we can enjoy that amazing browser. Feb 18, 2014  Question: Q: download correct safari for 10.7.5. When I open safari i get this video survey popup, looks like a virus, etc. In My applications folder the Safari version has a creation date of 8/1/11; I have a mac mini which has been upgraded to OS 10.7.5.

Safari is a web browser well known for Apple's Mac computers. The Windows version includes all the features known from the Macs version. Browser has a high yield. According to the manufacturer it works much faster than competitive products such as Firefox and Internet Explorer. This applies to both loading pages and running JavaScript. The interface differs from the standard windows system and resembles the well-known operating system under the sign of Apple. Clear, clear layout Safari lets you focus on the content of web pages - not on your browser. The browser frame is only one pixel wide. A scroll bar appears only when you need it. By default, you do not see the status bar - while charging the blue bar gradually fills the address field. All this means that the screen is more room for the content of the page. You used a mechanism known easy bookmarks iTunes player. Additionally, you can import bookmarks from other web browsers. Other features pop-up blocking, convenient search any text on pages, tabbed browsing, SnapBack function (fast return), automatic form filling, built-in RSS reader, change the size of text fields, etc. Safari also cares about your privacy on the web. With the Private Browsing browser does not store the search terms on Google, cookies, browsing history, download history, or data entered into online forms.
Windows XP/Vista/7
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More browsing space: Safari is designed to emphasize the browsing, not the browser. The browser frame is a single pixel wide. You see a scroll bar only when needed. By default, there's no status bar. Instead, a progress indicator turns as your page loads. You'll find tabs at the very top of the browser, opening an even wider window for viewing websites. A great browser, Safari lets you simply enjoy the web.

Find the sites you need: Looking for a site you visited in the past but can't quite remember? Use Full History Search to quickly find sites using even the sketchiest search terms. And when you click a web page in Cover Flow, it's because you've already recognized it as the site you were looking for. No more guessing. Innovative features like these show you how good browsing can be.

Satisfy your need for speed: The world's fastest browser, Safari has speed to burn. Why should you wait for pages to load? You want to see those search results, get the latest news, check current stock prices, right now.

Blazing Performance 2x Faster


Safari is the fastest web browser on any platform. Family tree maker downloads.

Mac os x lion amazon. Elegant User Interface

Safari’s clean look lets you focus on the web — not your browser.

Easy Bookmarks

Organize your bookmarks just like you organize music in iTunes.

Pop-up Blocking

Say goodbye to annoying pop-up ads and pop-under windows.

Inline Find

Search any text on any website with the integrated Find banner.

Tabbed Browsing

Open and switch between multiple web pages in a single window.


Instantly snap back to search results or the top level of a website.

Forms AutoFill

Let Safari complete online forms for you, automatically and securely.

RSSBuilt-in RSS

RSS tells you when new content is added to your favorite sites.

Resizable Text Fields

Resize text fields on any website: Just grab the corner and drag.

Private Browsing

Keep your online activities private with a single click.


Apple engineers designed Safari to be secure from day one.

What's New:

Downloader For Mac

  • Improve JavaScript performance up to 13% over Safari 5.1
  • Address issues that could cause hangs and excessive memory usage
  • Improve stability when using Find, dragging tabs, and managing extensions
  • Improve stability for and other websites that use the Silverlight plug-in
  • Address an issue that could prevent East Asian character input into webpages with Flash content
  • Address an issue that could cause History items to appear incorrectly
  • Improve printing from Safari
  • Address an issue that could prevent the Google Safe Browsing Service from updating

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