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Photo editing programs are hugely popular on Mac. There are lots of opinions on which are the best. With the Photos app on Mac, some of the best editing programs have extensions so you can quickly jump in to edit your photos without having to first load them into their full-service apps. If you want to quickly touch something up or add some filters, highlights, and corrections, these great apps are perfect for your in-Photos for Mac experience.

Pixelmator (Mac only) may not be a direct competitor to Photoshop but, in its latest version, it takes advantage of the new multi-monitor support and compressed memory features in OS X Mavericks. These features, combined with its low price, and ease of use, make Pixelmator appealing to anyone who needs a Photoshop alternative. Jul 20, 2019 Free Photoshop Alternatives (Windows, macOS and Linux) 1. Krita is a free tool like Photoshop that is almost as feature rich in. One of the topmost recommendations you’d read for a tool like Photoshop is GIMP. Paint.NET was originally developed to be a more. While Adobe charges a fee to use its main Photoshop software, the company does offer free image editing tools in the form of the Photoshop Express application. Available for Android, iOS and Windows tablets and phones, this surprisingly capable app allows you to enhance and tweak your photos in a number of ways. Pixelmator is actually a whole range of apps across the Mac and OS. The most powerful and the most Photoshop-like one is Pixelmator Pro for Mac which is more than capable of handling the giant. GIMP or GNU Image Manipulation, is one of the best free image editing apps out there. It’s a great alternative to Adobe Photoshop and comes with a wide array of pro-level functions that let you.


Chances are you've probably heard of Pixelmator. Often lauded as the ultimate Adobe alternative for Mac users, this full-featured photo editor (and its even more impressive Pro version was built specifically for macOS, allowing you to really harness the power of your Mac's unique capabilities.

With Pixelmator, you can make adjustments, add effects, and do pretty much anything else you'd expect to be able to do with an image editing program. However, you don't even have to open Pixelmator to reap its benefits — once downloaded, the app also offers an extension called Pixelmator Retouch that allows you to retouch your favorite shots without ever needing to leave the native Photos app. This includes blemish repair, complex object removal, cloning, light adjustments, color adjustments, and the ability to blur or sharpen your images.

Affinity Photo

Like Pixelmator, Affinity Photo is a pro-level photo editor often praised for its sophistication and versatility. In fact, its iPad version actually won App of the Year back in 2017. Affinity is engineered to enhance the workflow of professional photographers, designers, and digital artists, but don't let that scare you away if you're interested — its interface and tools are intuitive enough for a beginner to use, making it super easy to amp up your images no matter your skill level.

Within the app, you can do everything from editing RAW images to creating multi-layer compositions (and much, much more). The fun doesn't stop there, though. Affinity Photo also boasts six extensions that can be used within the Photos app: Affinity Develop, Retouch, Liquify, Miniature, Monochrome, and Haze Removal. Each pretty much does as its moniker describes. For instance, Monochrome allows you to create artistic black and white images, while Retouch lets you correct images by removing red-eye, healing blemishes, and getting rid of pesky extra objects. The only one that doesn't have a function easily discernible from its name is Miniature, which allows you to give your photos a cool depth-of-field blur.

Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr is a good option for those who want something like Lightroom, but would prefer to be able to try it before committing. Polarr has a free version that you can grab and use, and if you like it, you can opt for the Polarr Pro subscription, which is $2.49/mo or $24 a year. There's also a one-time purchase option for $70 if you'd rather not subscribe.

With Polarr, you'll get many of the same functions as Lightroom, and it also works with both RAW and JPEG images, so there's no issue with compatibility. However, Polarr has a much cleaner and simpler interface that is lightning fast, while still providing you with all of the tools you need for a perfect photo. You have custom filters, batch exporting, dual lens effects and adjustments, layers and blending modes, and more. Polarr is highly customizable, so you can make it entirely yours.

The Photos extension for Polarr brings many of the editing tools in Polarr right into Photos itself, so you don't even need to have Polarr open to edit with it. Edits you make get rendered instantaneously with no lag, so you don't need to wait. The only drawback is that this is destructive editing, so your original won't be available once you save any changes.

Photoscape X

For those who want a fun and free photo editor, Photoscape X is a great option to consider.

Photoscape X combines a photo editor, batch editor, photo viewer, cut-outs, collage combiner, animated GIFs creator, and more, all into one single package. It also works with RAW images too, so no worries there. The photo editor part of Photoscape X has all of the standard tools that you need, and the cut outs make it super simple to remove the background from images. And with things like batch edit, collages, and animated GIFs, it's easy to deal with multiple photos at once.

The extension allows you to harness the editing power of Photoscape X directly in the Photos app, without having to have Photoscape X open. Of course, you won't be able to do things like creating animated GIFs or collages this way, but for basic photo editing, it's great.

Photolemur 3

What Is The Best Photoshop App For Mac

What if you want great-looking photos but don't have the time to edit them all individually? Then Photolemur has the Photos extension for you.

Photolemur's strength lies in its artificial intelligence, which automatically enhances any image without you having to do any legwork. With Photolemur, it analyzes images and then identifies their weaknesses, making adjustments to them with powerful and advanced algorithms. There's even a new feature called Face Finish, which will automatically smooth skin, remove imperfections, enhances eyes, and whitens up teeth. Portraits will never have looked better, and you don't need to lift a finger. There is even batch processing with Photolemur, so you can spend less time editing and more time shooting photos.

Luminar 4

Luminar 4 is the latest iteration of the powerful photo editor and browser from Skylum. It works as a standalone app or as a plugin or extension for both Adobe and Apple products, like Photos and Photoshop.

With Luminar 4, there are a ton of intelligent algorithms to help make your photo editing life easier than ever before. The AI Sky Replacement can replace the entire sky in your photo to change the overall mood of your image, which was a challenging task before, but it's now entirely automated. There is even AI Skin and Portrait Enhancer features to get amazingly realistic results on your portraits that are done outside or in a studio, all through artificial intelligence. Luminar 4 can even detect specific areas in a photo that could be better and enhances them without altering the rest of the photo. Sources of sunlight can be moved around your image too, which can give you a totally new feel to a photo.

There are a ton of other intelligent features behind Luminar 4, but those are the most impressive ones. This is a powerful photo editor that can do amazing things in just a few clicks, and it helps with your overall productivity and creativity as well.

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Aurora HDR 2019

High Dynamic Range (HDR) may not be appeal to everyone, but there is no doubt that it can definitely improve an image. With Aurora HDR 2019, you're getting a powerful quantum HDR engine powered by artificial intelligence, so it only gives you the highest quality HDR.

With Aurora HDR, you get creative LUT mapping, polarizing filters, color toning, HDR Denoise, dodge and burn, details enhancer, and much more. And if you're concerned about doing a lot of editing work to get the perfect HDR, no problem! Aurora does all of the heavy lifting for you and gives you a beautifully enhanced photo in seconds. There are over 80 different HDR presets that you can use from acclaimed photographers like Trey Ratcliff, Serge Ramelli, Randy Van Duinen, and more. There are also advanced features like layers and masking, batch processing, and RAW support.

What are your favorites?

These are some of our favorite photo editors on the Mac that utilize the Photos extension. Do you have a favorite? Let us know what you're using in the comments!

January 2020: Added Photolemur 3, Luminar 4, and Aurora HDR 2019 to the list.

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Image processing is an important field that has for years attracted both professionals as well as hobbyists. At the same time, the field has seen a lot of Photoshop software developed all with the aim of capturing the market and offering the users with a better experience. Here are some reviews of the best software in this category including some of the top features that they have.



Gimp is an image manipulation software that is the free and open source. The software is maintained by a community of developers who ensure that it is always up to date and has the essential features. It has great graphic design elements and allows original artwork creation.


This Sketch is a professional and premium digital design software for the Mac platform. With this software, you will have the power, speed, and flexibility required in coming up with excellent designs. The software is light-weight, and yet it allows you to exploit the full power of your Mac device.

Paint Shop Pro

Which Is The Best Photoshop Software

Paint Shop Pro is a great photo editing that promises to transform your photography experience. With this software, you can perform creative text wrapping, batch picture editing, and make content aware magic moves. Also, brushes, selections, and layers are at an advanced level.

Other Platforms

The software in this category are platform dependent and as a result, it is a great idea to distinguish them based on this element. In the following segment of this post, we will be looking at the Photoshop software that are dedicated to a particular platform.

PIXLR for Android

PIXLR can be found in an App for Android platform though the software is also available on several other platforms. The software enables users to create beautiful images whenever they get inspired and the software being on a mobile platform is a great plus and makes it even better.

Pixelmator for Mac

Pixelmator is a great application for the Mac platform that comes with all the required features necessary for perfect image editing. It is easy to use, fast and powerful. With the application, you can add shapes, texts, dazzling effects and so much more elements.

Paint.net for Windows

Paint.net is a simple yet amazing powerful software for the Windows platform that is free to download and use. Essentially, this is an advanced version of another program that is distributed together with the Windows OS. The software is very useful, and donation supported.

Most Popular Software – Adobe Photoshop CC

Adobe Photoshop CC is the leading software in this category and also one of the most used. For years, it has served as a standard of what image processing is all about. With this software, you will gain access to lots of features that will refine your images. You can also see Photoshop Filters

What is Photoshop Software?

What Is The Best Photoshop App For Mac Download

A Photoshop software is a computer application that is developed to assist in editing digital images. In essence, the software in this category should be in a position to allow the users to perform numerous manipulations on images to allow for improvements.

In the majority of the cases, the software in this category is used for the professional application. However, there is currently a considerable number of people that use them for hobbies and improvement of personal pictures. The performance and capabilities of the software differ and thus it is important for the users to know what they require.

Photo editing and processing can be a challenging assignment especially if one does not have the right software. To ensure professionalism and quality work, the software that we have reviewed can be of great help. All the same, it is important to keep your platform and unique requirements in mind.

Best Free Photoshop Apps

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